Augmented Reality (AR)

We at provide end to end AI based solutions or services in order to automate the process in certain industries. We have a team of experts of Augmented Reality, Web3, OpenGL, AI analysts, 3D Designers, Full-stack developers and Software Architects. We provide Solutions from consulting to deployment of Augmented & Virtual Reality products.


I do think that a significant portion of the population of developed countries, and eventually all countries, will
have AR experiences every day, almost like eating three meals a day. It will become that much a part of you.

Tim Cook

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It is beneficial for the companies to look at AR as a business capability rather than technology. The boundaries of AR are not limited to games but it extends to industries such as retail, tourism, fashion, marketing, and entertainment. AR a revolutionary technology by the year 2023 is estimated to be worth $61.4 Billion USD! The success and growing presence of AR technology has a long history with a number of hits and misses. Using AR Technology, businesses can gain Brand Differentiation, Low cost visualization of high cost assets, Build Try on Solution, Quality Assurance

Services We Delivered

AR Game Development:

Augmented reality holds immense potential to create ground-breaking experiences in gaming and entertainment. As an AR game development company with vast experience in reality technologies, Juego Studios designs and develops fun and exciting augmented reality games for mobile, smart glasses and headsets. Our team of expert augmented reality games developers have experience in creating AR products for various platforms from simple geo-location based games for mobile devices to high-end FPSs with smart glasses support.

Location Based AR:

To create and position a believable AR model without using any markers, apps use GPS and built-in sensors, as well as complex scene and object recognition algorithms. This type is used when augmentations are supposed to adapt to various locations and, for instance, like accurately position a furniture piece in a room.

Android and iOS AR Development:

Leveraging Augmented Reality technology, we help businesses present content in an engaging way and increase productivity in engineering, architecture, marketing and construction with AR tools.

Web AR Development:

Leveraging Augmented Reality technology, we help businesses present content in an engaging way and increase productivity in engineering, architecture, marketing and construction with AR tools for Web Development.

Solutions We Delivered

Fall Detection System:

This is one of the finest solutions we have developed for a middle east based hospital. If the patient or person has fallen down on the ground or has been lying for more than 10 seconds, it will directly create an alert to respond to this issue. Also it can be used to detect the injuries or any suspicious event in many sites. We have used YOLOR to dtec the person and posenet to detect the poses and applying LSTM transformer to detect the event like fall/ lying down etc.

Driver Drowsiness Detection System:

This is the project that we have done in which if the driver is driving a car and having any kind of fatigue, or smoking or drinking in a car. It will create an alert and the owner can take some action on the driver. This solution has been developed for a dubai based automobile company.

Fire Detection System:

This is the solution we have implemented in an ABU DHABI based hospital in which any kind of smoke/fire is occurring in an area. It will detect and report it directly. We have used LSTM and Transformer with YOLOV4 to detect the fire at real time on RGB and Thermal RGB images with the segmentation layer of SOLOv2. The accuracy we have achieved is around 95% so far.

Automatic License Plate Recognition:

This is the live project that has been going on in an India based smart city for parking lot management in which we have to detect the car, truck, bike and its number plate at real time with the accuracy of 96% test videos. We have used YOLOv4 with TensorRT(use to optimise the frame rate i.e if you get 4FPS on yolov4 then using TensorRT you will get 40FPS) to detect the Licence Plate, Car, Truck, Motorcycle, etc and using our own text recognition model which is Bi-Directional LST with transformers to recognise the text at real time on GPU.

This is the solution that we have developed for a US based organization in which their major problem was the invoice reading by a human. Daily around 150000 invoices have been generated over there and hundreds of humans were assigned to do the manual data entry on their SAP Platform. We have built a solution in which one has to just upload the PDF from the system/database and select the fields they want to extract like Shipping address, billing address, Invoice number, Email address, Telephone Number, Billing and shipping date, etc and start reviewing. All the required details will be published on the database and then assigned to the separate SAP platform. In this, we have reduced manual monitoring. As in one minute, 1000 invoices have been processed.

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