AI in Automobile

Smart Driving

Challenges Faced by the Automobile Sector

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every year about 100,000 police-reported crashes involve drowsy driving. These crashes result in more than 1,550 fatalities and 71,000 injuries. This leads to dangerous road accidents and road blocking at highways. The same study found that 109,000 of those drowsy driving crashes resulted in an injury and about 6,400 were fatal. Researchers suggest the prevalence of drowsy driving fatalities is more than 350% greater than reported. theft rate
Vehicle Collision

Lane departure crashes, which occur when a driver leaves the lane they are in and collide with another vehicle. vehivle collision
Driver irresponsibility

Most of the car accident occurs due to the ireesponsibility of driver while driving and it can cause to the death of several inncocent people. theft rate
Inefficiency in Vehicle Manufacturing

In most of the car manufacturing factory, during cross validantion by human defects in manufacturing pops up whic leads to degrade the trust by the customers.

How Can AI Help? vehivle collision
Safety Compliance

  • - Driver's Equipment Detection
  • - Safety Guard Detection
  • - Seat Belt Detection vehivle collision
Driver Monitoring

  • - Driver Drowsiness Detection System
  • - Mobile phone Detection
  • - Temperature Checking
  • - Ciggete smoking detection vehivle collision
Manufacturing Compliance

  • - Vehicle Dent Detection
  • - Parts Mis-Management Detection vehivle collision
Workplace SOP

  • - Workers Attendence System
  • - Fire and Smoke Detection vehivle collision
Product Management

  • - Analytics on Manufacturing data
  • - Analytics of the status checked
  • - Supply products check and validating vehivle collision
Supply Threat Prevention

  • - Counting Supply tools
  • - Regular Quality Check
  • - Anamoly Detection for Products

Why TDB? vehivle collision

What makes a building product great? The easy answer is the Consistency with which it produces books of value over a lengthy period of time. vehivle collision

What is important is the reliability of our work being there to greet my clients with a smile or a giggle every morning. That's how we keep on growing. vehivle collision

A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.