AI in Healthcare

Health is wealth!.

Challenges Faced by the Healthcare Sector

In 2018, 30% of patients died in India due to less care and monitoring in hospitals. The problem lies in long queue for checkups, patient monitoring negligence, incomplete data,etc. Doctors, nurses, and other care providers all have to spend a lot of time doing paperwork and dealing with administrative tasks that burn a lot of their valuable time. Most of the time nurses couldn't focuses on person's HR, BR, BP, etc. And sometimes, an unknown person comes up as an intruder in doctor's clothes and directly affects health of patient or may also end up stealing babies. theft rate
Theft Alert

violence, robberies, burglaries, blackmail and theft. It is also a subject where smart solutions are often mistakenly seen as a solution. vehivle collision
Health Checking

Regular health checks can identify any early signs of health issues. theft rate
Patient Monitoring

Patient monitoring is essential compliance in every hospitals

How Can AI Help? vehivle collision
Safety Compliance

  • - Safety Guard Detection
  • - Camera Tempering
  • - Mask and Glov Detection vehivle collision
Patient Monitoring

  • - Heart Rate Variation
  • - Breathing Rate Variation
  • - Temperature Checking vehivle collision
Security Compliance

  • - Intruder Detection
  • - Loitering Detection
  • - Unattended Object Detection vehivle collision
Workplace SOP

  • - Facial Attendence System
  • - Fire and Smoke Detection vehivle collision
Hospital Management

  • - Analytics on Day to Day data
  • - Staff Management System vehivle collision
Unusual Prevention

  • - Fall Detection
  • - Face Mask Detection
  • - Gender Recognition

Why TDB? vehivle collision

What makes a building product great? The easy answer is the Consistency with which it produces books of value over a lengthy period of time. vehivle collision

What is important is the reliability of our work being there to greet my clients with a smile or a giggle every morning. That's how we keep on growing. vehivle collision

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