AI in Retail

Automating Product Safety.

Challenges Faced by the Retail Sector

In today's era, product and consumer security has been the major concern in retail industry. Security completely depends upon the one who is monitoring everything through camera and being a human,errors are bound to happen but such is not the case with AI. Problems range from product malfunctioning, theft cases to crowd dismanagement, Ununsual activities. theft rate
Store Supervision

Problems faced in most of the retail sector to monitor the workflow of the process regularly. vehivle collision
Workplace Dis-Management

Workplace managements is necessary for all areas in construction industry and most of the problem occurs because of workplace dismanagement. theft rate
Problems in mannual monitoring

Most of the issues in retail industry occures due to insufficient process flow of human monitoring.

How Can AI Help? vehivle collision
Product Supervision

  • - Tracking availibility of product cart
  • - Hour to Hour Analytics Report
  • - Product availibility insights vehivle collision
Worker Monitoring

  • - Day to Day activity checking
  • - Analytics of work performed
  • - Temperature Checking
  • - Fall and ununsual activity Detection vehivle collision
Security Compliance

  • - Intruder Detection
  • - Loitering Detection
  • - Unattended Object Detection vehivle collision
Workplace SOP

  • - Insights of Customer's Behavior
  • - Customer Interation Analysis
  • - Availibility of staff to customer vehivle collision
Store Management

  • - Analytics on Day to Day data
  • - Analytics of Staff Availibility
  • - Staff tools Detection vehivle collision
Supply Threat Prevention

  • - Counting Supply tools
  • - Regular Quality Check
  • - Anamoly Detection for Products

Why TDB? vehivle collision

What makes a building product great? The easy answer is the Consistency with which it produces books of value over a lengthy period of time. vehivle collision

What is important is the reliability of our work being there to greet my clients with a smile or a giggle every morning. That's how we keep on growing. vehivle collision

A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.