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Challenges Faced in Cities

Security and monitoring has always been the priority for many industries, even inside the cities like each city's municipal corporation. Since 2014, every metro city is having security cameras installed at every place. But the theft rate, vehicle collision rate, violation rate is still increasing and ongoing since start. It is very unfortunate that most of the events occur due to the surveillance system being not that smart to detect and alarm on events. theft rate
Theft Rate

violence, robberies, burglaries, blackmail and theft. It is also a subject where smart solutions are often mistakenly seen as a solution. vehivle collision
Vehicle Collision

Lane departure crashes, which occur when a driver leaves the lane they are in and collide with another vehicle. theft rate
Violation Rate

Violate rate has been increasing in urban cities, that made theft to use of manual monitoring.

How Can AI Help? vehivle collision
Safety Compliance

  • - Safety Guard Detection
  • - Camera Tempering
  • - Unattended Object Detection vehivle collision
Intruder Alert

  • - Loitering Detection
  • - Intrusion Detection
  • - Road Violation vehivle collision

  • - Machine Level Monitoring
  • - Car Brand Recognition
  • - Traffic Management System vehivle collision
Workplace SOP

  • - Automatic Licence Plate
  •   Recognition(ALPR)
  • - Fire and Smoke Detection vehivle collision
City Management

  • - Quarrel Detection
  • - Unattended Object Detection
  • - Red Light Crossing vehivle collision
Unusual Prevention

  • - Fall Detection
  • - Face Mask Detection
  • - Gender Recognition

Why TDB? vehivle collision

What makes a building product great? The easy answer is the Consistency with which it produces books of value over a lengthy period of time. vehivle collision

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